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In my classrooms and workshops, I often use cards to allow students to create their own stories in small groups.
The photos show small groups in a recent teacher-training workshop using the cards to generate a group story. Although it was late in the day, the powerful images of the cards immediately released free creative energy.

I was introduced to some of the possibilities of such cards by Moritz Egetmeyer, who runs OH-Publishers.

OH produce many different packs. The cards I use are Saga and 1001.

OH cards I am always amazed by the associative power of the folk tale images depicted on the cards in this series. They are incredibly effective with all ranges of age and ability. Moreover, my students love using them!

To discover more, the North American OH website is an excellent starting point.

This article by Dutch storyteller Marco Holmer is a particularly interesting account of using Saga cards with children.

And this shorter article shows how I often use them in a classroom situation.

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