Three Ugly Aunts

Pretty young girl - loved fairytales - "Hmm, I'd like a handsome prince!"

Came to a castle - asked to work in kitchen.

Servants had wicked plan.
Told Queen: "Girl can spin roomful of flax into thread."

Queen: "Spin this flax in 24 hours - or off with your head!"

Girl crying - door opened - ugly old woman.
"I'll do work if you call me aunt on happiest day of your life."

Servants - 2nd wicked plan.
"Girl can weave thread into cloth."

2nd ugly old woman: "I'll do work if ..."

Servants - 3rd wicked plan.
"Girl can sew cloth into shirts."

3rd ugly old woman: "I'll do work if ..."

Queen happy - needed wife for son.
So girl got handsome prince! Got what she wanted!

After wedding - Queen: "Working week - 2 days spinning, 2 days weaving, 2 days sewing." Girl horrified. But 1st ugly old woman appeared - now even uglier: long nose.
"Aunt, sit with me!"

2nd ugly woman appeared - chin bent over to touch knees.
"Aunt, sit with me!"

3rd ugly woman appeared - eyes red and watery.
"Aunt, sit with me!"

Prince: "You're so pretty. Why are aunts so ugly?"
1st: "My husband - made me spin all the time - nose grew long."
2nd: "My husband - made me weave all the time - back bent over."
3rd: "My husband - made me sew all the time - eyes grew red and watery."

Prince: "Good you've come - now I know my wife must never do that work again!"

A tale which shows what every girl really needs: three ugly aunts.

I found this story in Angela Carter's excellent collection: The Second Virago Book of Fairytales (ISBN 1-85381-616-7).

The tale can be downloaded here.

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