Hoo’s Tales in Bangalore and Chennai, 2010

Hippocampus Reading Foundation is an NGO working to encourage literacy in Karnakata and Tamil Nadu. One of their many activities is the HOO’s Tales storytelling festival.
In February 2010 this started in Bangalore and finished in Chennai.

The storytellers were both local and international – pictured here are Jeeva Raghunath of Chennai and Craig Jenkins of London.
During the eight days over 4000 listeners and participants attended a series of performances and workshops in the two cities.

The photos below reflect just a little of the wonderful variety of the festival.

The festival opened with a day of performance and storytelling in Cubbon Park, Bangalore.

Energy in the audience always leads to energetic telling.

Help from one of the children.

There were families with children and teachers with their classes.

Read an article from the Indian Express.

A teacher-training workshop in Bangalore.

62 active teachers keen to learn …

… keen to work on their own storytelling skills …

… keen to try out new methodology.

And finally a second teacher-training workshop, in Chennai.

The group may have been smaller but the participants were just as keen and active.

Moreover, we were able to enjoy working in the most beautiful veneu: Chandralekha Spaces, right next to Elliot Beach.

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