Candle in the Barn

Farmer - three children - two boys and a girl. Father sets a task to see who should inherit farm.
Gives each a purse of gold, the one who can do most with the money will be fittest to inherit.
A year and a day they must return and show what they have done - in the great barn, see who can fill it the fullest!

The three leave their home.
During the year they are away, father sickens, fit to die. Lonely, regrets that he sent them away, but too late. Often walks sadly into the great barn.

Year is up, they return.
First boy - straw - tells father that he reckoned this would fulfil the terms of the task. Father looks sadly at dry straw.
Second boy brings weeds and bracken - even bigger pile. Smiles proudly as what he's brought but father just sadly shakes his head.
Third, the girl, seems to have brought nothing. Brothers smile - "She who brings nothing, gets nothing!"
Instead she calls for the barn doors to be closed. In the sudden darkness she lights a candle, and as it is burning, sings a song.

Her father tells her that she has filled the barn three times over.
She has filled it with light, and light is knowledge.
She has filled it with song and song is joy.
"And knowledge and joy together make wisdom; and I have learnt much wisdom today."
And with that he kissed her - and with that kiss we end our story.

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This story is told in many variants. Pomme Clayton, a UK storyteller, tells it with the song.
The kiss (as far as I know) is my own.

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