Performances: solo or with music

I’ll Tell You a Tale

Most of my performance work is solo, under the title I’ll Tell You a Tale.                                                                        .
A typical theatre performance will have eight to ten stories. They are chosen firstly for their ability to grasp an audience, and secondly to create a wide range of atmosphere within the programme. Above all, a performance is part of the ancient culture of the storyteller, the weaver of fantasy, the spell-binder.

With over 300 folk tales, and my repertoire constantly expanding, the programme of stories is always changing. So if you have been to a performance before you will hear new stories – although if you are lucky you may perhaps hear one or two old favourites again.

Far from being for little children (although I do tell for children, too), these powerful and deep tales offer unforgettable listening for adults.


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Tales and the Harp

Although most of my work is solo, I have the occasional but very great pleasure of telling my tales together with a musician: Peter Wucherpfennig.

Peter is a storyteller himself, and also based in Darmstadt. He plays Irish and Scottish airs on the Celtic harp.

Listen to Peter playing

Peter’s website

Peter Wucherpfennig

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