Want a coaching session?

Online or, if geography permits, in person

If you are interested in coaching, first look at a variety of the tales in my video gallery.
Watch some of the comic tales, some of the deeper stories, perhaps some of the more adult ones.

Do you think I am the sort of storyteller who suits your own style of telling?

If so, get in touch to discuss what you would like and to tell me something about yourself as a storyteller:

  • experience
  • type of stories you tell
  • your perception of your performing strengths and weaknesses
  • where you want to develop as a storyteller.

Requirements for online coaching

After we have discussed matters, send me a link to a video recording, preferably one with an audience.


Sliding charges, depending on your location and circumstances.
This is not a strictly commercial transaction but one which we should both be happy with.

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For those who are teachers: Telling stories in the classroom: basing language teaching on storytelling