Want a workshop?

Your needs are specific to your group

This may be experienced teachers of English as a foreign language who want to learn to tell stories and explore this powerful methodology.

It may be university students or trainee teachers.

It may be secondary students wanting to improve their English, to learn how to tell stories, or to improve their communication skills.

It may be storytellers wanting to work in primary or secondary schools.

It may be people working in the corporate world.


Teacher-training workshop, Karlsruhe Education University

Your group may be a small one of people who already know each other.
It may be 60 or more people who have never met before.

The workshop may be a separate two- or three-day event.
It may be part of a conference.

Every workshop is tailored to suit your particular requirements.

Look at the full range of workshops I offer.

Send a mail or phone +49 6151 377 175 to discuss this further.

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For those who are teachers: Telling stories in the classroom: basing language teaching on storytelling