Previous workshops

I have had the good fortune to be invited to lead workshops for many different organisations and in many different countries.

These include:

  • Universities/Colleges of Education of Augsburg, Braunschweig, Bremen, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Giessen, Gothenburg, Halle, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Koblenz, Mainz, München, Saarland, Vechta, PH Innsbruck, Sassari, Zurich
  • Society for Storytelling, UK
  • HOO’s Tales Storytelling Festival, Bangalore and Chennai, India
  • Northlands Storytelling Conference, Madison WI, USA
  • Toronto Storytelling Festival
  • Goethe Institut, Toronto
  • Ontario Modern Language Teacher’s Association
  • PearsonLongman, Hong Kong
  • German-Swiss International School, Hong Kong
Teacher-training workshop, Singapore
  • Storytelling Association Singapore
  • National Book Development Council of Singapore
  • GIZ, Addis Ababa
  • British Council, Germany
  • EU Sheherazade Project
  • Storywood, Gothenburg
  • Pechersk School International, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Landesverband der VHS Niedersachsen
  • Bayerischer VHS-Verband
  • Landesverband der VHS Baden-Württemberg
  • Many Volkshochschulen throughout Germany
  • SIL (Staatliches Institut für Lehrerfortbildung, Rheinland Pfalz)
  • NLI (Niedersächsischen Fort- und Weiterbildungsinstitut)
  • ThILM (Thüringer Institut für Lehrerfortbildung und Medien)
  • LISA (Landesinstitut für Lehrerfortbildung, Sachsen-Anhalt)
  • Akademie für Lehrerfortbildung, Dillingen, Bavaria
  • HeLP (Hessischen Landesinstitut für Pädagogik)
  • Fachverband für Moderne Fremdsprachen
  • Institut für Lehrerfortbildung, Hamburg
  • Cornelsen Verlag
  • Diesterweg Verlag
  • Hueber Verlag
  • ELTAF (English Language Teachers’ Association Frankfurt)
  • MELTA (Munich English Language Teachers’ Association)
  • … and quite a few others

Current workshop schedule

Workshop feedback: read what participants and organisers say

Details of previous workshops in Germany, Italy, England, Hong Kong, Singapore, India and the USA

Downloadable workshop details in Chinese (2-page pdf)

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