​Current performance schedule

With hundreds of tales in my repertoire, the programme in a storytelling performance constantly changes.

This means that you can be sure of hearing lots of new stories – although if you are lucky, you may get to hear one or two old favourites.

03 Sept 2021Darmstadt
halbNeun Theater

Sandstr. 32
Reserve tickets | Tel. 06151 23330
Tales and the Harp
with Peter Wucherpfennig playing Celtic harp
the comic, the bawdy, the profound, the divine: powerful folk tales for adults 8:30 pm
19. Nov. 2021Haus Siekmann
48324 Sendenhorst

Sendenhorster Erzählnacht
mit Susanne Tiggemann

Details and tickets20:00
09 March 2022Nürnberg
Gostner Hoftheater Hubertussaal
Dianastraße 28
90441 Nürnberg
Reservations | Tel. 0911 261510
I'll tell you a talethe comic, the bawdy, the profound, the divine: powerful folk tales for adults7 pm
07. - 11. Feb. 2022Performing in BavariaA few dates in the week are still available.

For when the logistics of travel prevent me coming to you:

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