Online workshops

In response to the coronavirus lockdown, I am offering online versions of my workshop Using storytelling in the language classroom.

The first was on 05.05.20, a three-hour event with participants from Finland, Germany, Singapore, South Korea and UK. One participant from Germany wrote:

I’m so glad I had the possibilty to join your workshop about storytelling today. It was a great experience to work with people from all over the world and I enjoyed every minute of it. I already knew that you are a pro in storytelling but now I know that you are a gifted workshop leader as well. Thank you for all your inspiration and ideas!
I appreciated the variety of methods you used and how you made them possible under these weird conditions – the breakout room was the best idea ever as it provided the opportunity to work with different persons. I also liked the PowerPoint slides, they weren’t annoying at all – as I am a visual learner who loves structures it was helpful for me to see e.g. the steps of the tasks on my screen.
All in all, I had a wonderful time and would love to join one of your workshops again.
Another wrote from Finland:
I found the workshop very useful, because it ignited the spark of storytelling in me! I was also surprised, how well we could work online – and had such a wonderfully international group! This wouldn’t have been even possible without the online setting. I also think that your web page with all the links and stories is exceptionally good – it provides so much information on everything around storytelling. I’ve just started to discover it and will probably need weeks to get to know just a part of it.
By the way, will you have another workshop on methodology of storytelling at school? I would be interested in that! 🙂

Methodology workshop

Following the above request, I am offering a three-hour practical workshop sometime in June focusing exclusively on methodology (i.e. with no time spent on participants’ storytelling skills). Age-ranges from upper primary (approx. 8-year-olds) to adults. Yes, storytelling covers virtually everyone!

The work will reflect my own 30-odd years teaching in a German secondary school. Read more about that here.

If you would like to join this or another workshop, or have me lead a tailor-made workshop for a group of teachers (min. 4 participants) or an institution, get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

The next scheduled workshops are for

  • Karlsruhe University of Education, 25.05.20
  • Hauptschule, Bergheim, 03.06.20
  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich, 18.06.20

Below is a three-minute introductory video.

Current workshop schedule

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