In an earlier technological age, when people bought audio cassettes, CDs, videos and DVDs, I produced a number of these with my tales. Now that the initial runs of 1000 copies have been sold, and people rarely use such old media, it is not financially viable to press any more of them.

Instead my recording now focuses on adding tales to the video gallery: live recordings told to theatre audiences and free to watch. Go here to receive an e-mail notification when new tales are added.

However, I am still occasionally asked for the old recordings. I can either burn copies from my masters on to CD and DVD blanks and post them to you, or arrange for a private download link.

Burnt like this or as downloads, the CDs and audio cassette cost €10 each. DVDs cost €15.
Send me a mail if you would like one.
Specify whether you want to download or have a hard copy sent by post.

The original recordings:


Jack goes Hunting and other Tales

The Well of the World’s End and other Tales

The Company of Heaven (not storytelling but a cantata by Benjamin Britten)



The Tale of the Brown Calf and other Stories

The Strongest of Them All participation storytelling for young learners (originally recorded for Cornelsen Verlag as teaching material)



Tales for the English Classroom



Grammar Can Be Fun recorded for PearsonLongman, Hong Kong as part of a Teaching Grammar Through Storytelling series


Audio cassette

The Wife’s Letter and other Tales


A Storytell friend wrote:

Just a personal response, Richard. When I hear you on your CD, there’s good, gentle and subtle humor in every word you say.
I absolutely LOVE it!
No one has quite mastered it like you have!
There’s just a delicious undercurrent that smiles through your tales! What we’d call in the theatre a “back story.”


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For those who are teachers: Telling stories in the classroom: basing language teaching on storytelling