The Tale of the Brown Calf and other Stories

The stories on the DVD

  • Gudbrand of the Hillside
    – a Norwegian tale of a husband whose wife knew he could do no wrong
  • Free Melons
    – a Nasruddin tale
  • Shrewd Farmer
    – one folk tale where it is the man who is cleverer than his wife
  • The Tiger’s Whisker
    – a tale from Asia of a determined woman
  • The Greatest Pickpocket
    – a comic tale from England with a wonderful punch line at the end
  • Worm in the Whisky
    – a tale from Scotland with a drinker’s retort to the priest

The recording is of a performance at the Grimms’ Fairy Tales Festival in Hanau, Germany.

It was originally a video cassette and I can now offer it in DVD format (Europe).

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