How to show these videos in your classroom

Your students will love watching the stories on my website.

Especially for beginners, one of the greatest benefits is simply showing them that they not only understand but also thoroughly enjoy a tale told in English.
More advanced students, as indeed native-speakers, will relish the rich language, the wit, the profundity of these stories as a unique experience.

With internet connection in the classroom

Easy. Just display the video from this page using a projector (Beamer).

No internet in the classroom

The stories in the video gallery are provided free to view.
If you need to download one to show it to your students, I can arrange that. Just send me a mail telling me which story you’d like, and your reason for wanting a download.

No classroom projection

Give your students the link to the video gallery  and let them watch at home.

Something even better

Of course, although your students will enjoy these tales, they will certainly enjoy a live performance even more.
Send me a mail to discuss possibilities.

The videos are © Richard Martin.
Permission is granted for use in non-commercial educational contexts.

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For those who are teachers: Telling stories in the classroom: basing language teaching on storytelling