Bishop Daley’s Sermon

One of the greatest jokes: how a little priest achieved his life’s ambition

I first heard this over 30 years ago, told as a short joke by a great raconteur and teacher-training colleague, Oswald Stein. Since then, my own version has gradually evolved.

In July 1939, Oswald was sent to England in one of the last Children’s Transports. He only returned to Germany in 1947. He wrote about his German-Jewish family’s experiences in Abgebaut.

A variant of the tale

After telling the story at the ZauberWort Festival, 2023, I was delighted to hear from a good friend and teller, Christiane Willms, that she had heard a variant told about the Rabbi of Chelm and the Rabbi of Lublin. That is the way stories spread through the world!

Incidentally, of all my tales, Bishop Daley’s Sermon was always my mother’s favourite!


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