Box under the Bed

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What is the difference between a joke and a story?
Often it is that a joke is told by someone who does not consider themselves to be a storyteller. So when I tell a joke, I turn it into a story!

A discussion on this joke’s origins led to the following contributions from Storytell members:
Tim Sheppard: I saw it many, many years ago on Storytell but can’t remember who posted it. That version had 3 grains of wheat in the box, and each time the box was full she sold the wheat at market. I can’t remember what the money went on but with the size of wheat grains it seemed even more outrageous! Is there possibly a version in Afasanyev’s “Secret Tales”?
Judy Schmidt: Google “Box under the bed jokes” you will find several variations featuring beer cans and Bill and Hillary Clinton
Mary Garrett: I remember a similar storyline with losing her temper and sewing dolls . . . I’m thinking someone made a G-rated version of it for a prudish audience . . .

This recording was made in Dec. 2018 during my annual performance at halbNeun Theater, Darmstadt.


The video clips here are all amateur quality, shot in various theatres.

Their intention is just to show the range of my storytelling and give a flavour of a live performance.

Permission is granted for use in non-commercial educational contexts.

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