Finest Harp

A Taoist tale of a man’s wishes

Always on the lookout for harp tales, I was delighted to hear this story from Dutch/German storyteller, Maria Winter.  Maria kindly pointed me to an online version De onbespeelbare harp.
That indefatigable resource Storytell then unearthed a Japanese version, Taming of the Harp.

I am looking forward to telling my version in Nov. 2023, alongside harper Peter Wucherpfennig, in our annual performance Tales and the Harp at halbNeun Theater, Darmstadt.

Elvira Van Mook, a Dutch artist, has this page showing her process of illustrating the story.

More deep tales

The video gallery has become very extensive. So if you would enjoy more tales like this which explore the depths of the human psyche, here are a few suggestions.



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