Rabbi’s Journey

A wealthy merchant comes to the town where a Rabbi famous for his wisdom lives and he asks to be allowed to meet him. A meeting is arranged and the merchant is ushered into the Rabbi’s house.

When he looks around he is flabbergasted.

“Where is your fine furniture? Where is your silver and fine dishes?”

“I might ask you the same thing,” the Rabbi says. “Where are your fine things? Where is your silver and dishes and furniture?”

“But, but but … I am am travelling. I cannot be weighed down with those things. I am on a journey!”

“There, I knew you would understand! … For I too am on a journey.”

Jane Dorfman posted this tale on Storytell in response to a request for stories on the theme of simplicity.
When I asked if I might add it here, she told me she had heard it from a rabbi, who said it was a traditional tale.

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