Tailor and his Wife

Not enough money in your pocket? This favourite bawdy tale from Scotland shows one answer.

This wonderful Scottish comic tale is one of my favourites when telling to adult audiences.
I first met the story in the excellent collection Scottish Traditional Tales, ed. A.J. Bruford and D.A. MacDonald (Edinburgh, 1994). They collected it from Alisdair Stewart.

In 2023 I was delighted to hear a German version told by Annika Füser and Mohammed Kello. With their help, and that of Prof. Kristin Wardetzky, I tracked down a source: “Der Maler und der Domprobst zu Regensburg” by Hans Sachs (1494-1576) in Deutsch Schwänke (Leander Petzold. Schneider Verlag 2002).

Below is a short video with a little more about the context of such tales.

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