Travelling Man and the Bed

A tale of temptation (one all bakers will understand)

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My thanks go to Storytell Simon Brooks, who for some reason thought that this tale would appeal to me. As indeed it did. 

Simon first heard the story told in a very different version by Irish teller, Eamon Kelly.

“Now’s Your Chance” is a version I found in Richard M. Dorson’s Buying the Wind: Regional Folklore in the United States.

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A storyteller always tells the truth

Including the fact that I am indeed a passionate baker.

Here is a photo of the batch of sourdough breakfast rolls I baked on the morning of making this recording.

Unlike most of the videos in the gallery, this one was not recorded in the theatre. Due to the corona virus and the current closure of all public performances, I have begun recording tales in my home studio – tales to spread some hope in the world.


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