Vampire in the Taxi

“I was driving a taxi. It was late, about to go home, but was hailed by a man in a dark street.
Dark coat, hat pulled low over eyes.
Just said: “North Cemetery”.

Drove him there in silence.
When he got out he told me to wait, “And if you don’t wait, you’ll be sorry.”
Well, didn’t feel very comfortable, but wanted the money, so waited.

After a while he came back, seemed to be wiping something from his hands.
Just said: “South Cemetery”.
Same happened again.
Feeling even more uncomfortable, but waited.

He returned, brushing something from his clothes.
Just said: “East Cemetery”.

Returned, wiping his mouth.
Just said: “West Cemetery”.

Although very frightened, was determined to get my money – and to see what he was doing.
Followed him into dark cemetery.

He went to fresh grave, used hands to dig down to coffin.
Open lid, bent over corpse.
So terrified I couldn’t move in darkness.
He came out of grave, came up to me.
I managed to stutter, “Are you a vampire?”


A great pleasure for all storytellers is to hear other people tell stories. This is another story which Bernd, one of the participants on a teacher-training course in Halle in July 2003, told some us while we were sitting in a Biergarten.
This is the skeleton of what he told as a first-person story.

The jump story is a folk genre especially popular with children. Bernd was very quiet as he came to the end of the story, showing how his emotions slowly moved from unease to fear to utter terror as he asked the final question.
He came close to the woman sitting next to him and then sprang at her neck as the vampire yelled “YES”.
And she really DID jump.

Bernd also told us this tall tale, an example of another popular genre of story.

Here is a video: The Blood-Covered Vampire.

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