From Page to Stage

An in-depth practical workshop for storytellers


This workshop explores the process of taking a traditional tale as found on the page of a book and creating a version to perform to an audience.

We consider:

  • Which elements to include, which to adapt, which to omit
  • Structuring a tale for telling
  • Strategies to learn the story
  • Becoming aware of the audience
  • Overcoming problems on stage


Each day of the workshop will focus on one traditional tale (supplied by Richard). Following a plenary discussion of the points above, small groups then apply these insights to create a performance version of the story.

Each group presents their version.

Feedback on the presentations

This comes from the participants as well as Richard. It focuses on:

  • The dramaturgical process of crafting a performance
  • Performance skills

Critiquing Richard

Finally Richard tells his own version of the tale – which is of course subjected to the same feedback process.

Workshop length is flexible

I have done this as a 90-min. webinar. In person, as an in-depth two-day workshop. All variants will work, but obviously the longer the time, the greater the learning.

Workshop language

The workshop can be in English, in German or be bi-lingual.

Most recent From Page to Stage workshop: Akademie Remscheid, 13th – 15th March, 2024

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