Vera Spillner

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VeraI am the 'music' in Richard's Tales and Music.

I actually studied physics in Heidelberg, Minneapolis (USA) and Berlin. But besides that I have always been studying and playing music, first at the Music Academy in Darmstadt, getting a classical music education.

Later I also became interested in Irish fiddle music and traditional recorder pieces. So I picked up melodies from everywhere and found my own interpretations of them. Lately I have become increasingly interested in singing songs from all over the world, also in Russian and Japanese - pieces, which tell stories themselves.

I very much enjoy performing with Richard. My music is meant to carry the tales on and allow the listeners to ponder a bit about the words they have heard.

The music I play is always based on traditional lines of music from Ireland, Scotland or America.
I reinterpret the melodies to fit the sounds of my instruments and in a way that I feel an audience might like them.

Recorders For Tales and Music I play the violin as well as different recorders, like Blockflöte, Altflöte and Piccolo, as they are called in German.
One of my favourite instruments only sometimes comes out at the end of an evening: it's a very short recorder from Guatemala, tinier than a finger but it still covers an entire octave.

Read a review of the music in a 2009 perforamnce of Tales and Music.

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