Performance: live – online

Covid may restrict – but I’ll still perform for you

During the lockdown of spring 2020, I successfully moved my workshops online.
Now in the autumn, schools are beginning to open again, but may not yet be ready to welcome in-person storytelling.

So I am happy to offer live performances online.

A live performance versus the video gallery

For many years I have built up my video gallery as a spin-off from my live performances. There are now over 100 recordings, and I want to keep them free to watch. Particularly during the Covid lockdown, I added more tales for teachers to use.

So why not just show your students recordings?


    • A performance is not pre-recorded: I am live, telling to you from my home studio.
    • A performance has a meaningful, personal impact on the listeners, which a recording never can.
    • A performance holds the listeners for a whole lesson, as a series of recordings never can.
    • A performance has the all-important Q & A session.
    • A performance is tailor-made for your group.
    • A performance also teaches the students to honour the performer, rather than just consume a recording.
    • Read some typical feedback.


    • I offer HD video/ audio quality streamed from my home studio (i.e. not computer or smartphone camera and mic).
    • I have used Zoom or BigBlueButton – and am happy to use other platforms.
    • We can discuss the number of separate classrooms/student bubbles to watch my performance.
    • We need to discuss financial arrangements. (Since I perform worldwide, my fee is flexible as circumstances vary.)
    • You need to consider what display screen and speakers you have available.
    • You must commit in writing to not recording the performance without prior agreement.

Sample tales

If you have not yet seen me perform with a class, you may be wondering what stories I tell. Here are a few examples:


As well as having told for over 30 years in my own secondary classes in Germany, I have also enjoyed performing for a wide variety of schools in many lands. I know that prior discussion is key to giving your students the performance that suits them.

So get in touch by mail.
We can also set up an online meeting or phone call to discuss matters further.

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